This is a part of my Indian FC series.

So, Sonam Kapoor. So totally underused, even though there’s so much potential. She’s a Bollywood actress, known for acting in Saawariya, I Hate Luv Stories, Aisha, and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. This gif hunt contains 196 gifs of this flawless human being, mostly small or medium. Do like or reblog if this helped you. None of the gifs are made by me, they all belong to their respective perfect owners. 


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(translates as “you are now my life”)

because some bollywood songs have the best melodies
     that can cause major heartache
                                 and the language is irrelevant

main tenu samjhawan ki (what do i tell you) // humpty sharma ki dulhania
kabira // yeh jawaani hai deewani
sunn raha hai (you are listening) // aashiqui 2
tum hi ho (it’s just you) // aashiqui 2
galliyaan (alleyways) // ek villian
zehnaseeb (lucky one) // hasee toh phasee
iktara (one string) // wake up sid
subhanallah // yeh jawaani hai deewani
main pareshaan (i’m confused) // ishaqzaade

listen here
(part of my indian series)

dullhypotheses replied to your post: Hey lovelies! I feel like a hermit co…

i’m glad you are enjoying life and trying new things!!

Thank you! c:

YOU LIVE! *pounces* I’m glad you’re enjoying life! I’ve dabbled in that this summer as well ( I need to do more*) Miss seeing you on the dash.

HI *hugs* awww really? I miss you guys too. That’s great to hear, and thank you c:

Hey lovelies! I feel like a hermit coming out of my cave here but I’ll just make a quick post. I’m still on an indefinite hiatus, I still love roleplaying and helping, but I feel that life has more to offer for me outside of the computer screen, so I’m taking a step away and going out to explore.

If anyone cares, I’ve broken up a long-term relationship, started dating again, met new friends, and I’ve started saying yes to things I don’t usually say yes to, like meeting new people. I’ve also started doing spontaneous things more often. I think I’m in the midst of a young person crisis sorta.

I’m still semi-active on tumblr on my personal blogs, friends. I will log in here occasionally to stalk your blogs and stuff. Keep in touch <3

                   C U R S E D   W I T C H   {x}

                   {Winterlocked} Index ; Plot ; Roles ; The Kingdom ; Application

Once upon a time, the people of Nore were happy. They lived in peace with the fey in the nearby forests, and the tiny kingdom thrived. But thirteen years ago, there was a blizzard, worse than anything anyone had ever seen before. So many people were killed, and it only got worse as time went on. Nore was soon locked in an endless winter with no way out.

All is not lost. The Norns are strong, they adapted. But families are splitting apart, magic is failing, and the once-peaceful fey have become dangerous. So many people have lost hope. What about you?

                                                                    Where do you stand now?

Winterlocked is an established and original group full of welcoming members and unique plot lines. Join now as some of our most needed characters, Queen Ammut of the Southern Isles, or His Royal Highness, Prince Ini-Herit of the Southern Isles,or take a look a our current plot arc. Each character is unique and influential in the world, and the arcs are driven by member input. Who knows? You may end up changing the course of the game.

Accepting applications Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Send yours in today!


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Before 1921…

The greater beings walked the earth unnoticed. Heaven and Hell was satisfied with the earth as it was. It wasn’t peaceful, by any means, but it was a life that many were used to. It was how life was intended to be. Though that life did not stay the same once the greater being (the supernatural) were exposed. August 22, 1921 - a date for the history books; was the day everything changed. It wasn’t the eyes of the government that changed it nor was it the human population. Instead it was a group of three scientists that felt the need to create monsters in pill cases. Men who saw no harm in taking their turn in playing God. They should of known better than messing with powers much greater than they could of imagined.NECTURE, NORTH CAROLINA became a place different among the rest.

…This is Necture present day


Many bios open and posted daily, OCs are welcome, and Skeleton Bios are coming soon.