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Before 1921…

The greater beings walked the earth unnoticed. Heaven and Hell was satisfied with the earth as it was. It wasn’t peaceful, by any means, but it was a life that many were used to. It was how life was intended to be. Though that life did not stay the same once the greater being (the supernatural) were exposed. August 22, 1921 - a date for the history books; was the day everything changed. It wasn’t the eyes of the government that changed it nor was it the human population. Instead it was a group of three scientists that felt the need to create monsters in pill cases. Men who saw no harm in taking their turn in playing God. They should of known better than messing with powers much greater than they could of imagined.NECTURE, NORTH CAROLINA became a place different among the rest.

…This is Necture present day


Many bios open and posted daily, OCs are welcome, and Skeleton Bios are coming soon.

The sunrise kisses, the early morning rumbles in the kitchen, the boots barking on the wooden steps, the grassy fields. The long hours, the sweat mixed with passion, the whisk of horse tails, the smell of old wood. The constant layer of dirt, the cold glasses dripping down to the sun kissed ground, and the old pick-up trucks rumbling down the roads. It’s a life not for all people, but for those who do live it and love it, would never trade it for anything in the world. Country lives and breathes in the souls of those down in the south.

There are hard times and tears, long nights and early mornings. There’s yelling and fighting, worrying about the next payment for a bill. There’s power and love, weakness and hope. Never is everything sweet and summer all the time, but those people work through it and come out stronger.

When you take in the breath to your soul, the breath of country… everything feels so much more real.


It’s the year 2361 and what was once known as North America has since gone completely to hell. There are no more individual states, only territories, each of which is controlled by its own independent government. The leaders of these territories try their best to keep order, but it isn’t as easy as you might think. 

One territory on the west coast - known by the name of Avalon - has managed to carry on running smoothly for nearly a century, but at a heinous cost. They’ve all but stripped their citizens of every imaginable right, forcing them to obey a strict set of laws with an even stricter set of punishments; all for the sake of a peaceful and reformed society. However, in the last few decades, rebels have started cropping up in the form of gangs and resistance groups. These renegades have managed to shake things up just enough to land themselves on the government radar as a minor threat, but most of the civilians remain painfully oblivious to it. It’s probably for the best, though, as anyone found guilty of gang fraternization is liable to be sentenced to death. That is, if you’ve managed to even survive this long. 

Is it true what they say about those who don’t learn from their mistakes being doomed to repeat them? I don’t know, but no history book could have ever prepared us for this.


After the new New Directions won Regionals in 2013, life had been good at McKinley High. Though there was a hard road, the glee club ultimately ended up winning at Nationals with hard work and coaching by Finn Hudson and Will Schuester. With the club safe from termination, it continued to thrive under Principal Sue’s administration and coaching from the two people that cared about glee club more than anything.

Three years after winning that regional competition, the former glee clubbers have all taken different paths. Despite some being on opposite coasts and exploring a variety of different careers, the New Directions have kept in touch, for the most part. However, growing up together in the choir room changed them all for the better. Even with distance, nothing could tear them apart.

Go Your Own Way is a Glee group roleplay canon up until episode 4x22 and set three years into the future. 


"Meet me in the Garden of Eden,
                               Bring a friend;
                                            We are gonna have ourselves a time.”

    I n the early days of May, 1940, war was creeping closer to Great Britain’s doorstep. It was during this same summer that the children of three wealthy English families- the Faulteroys, the Demorests, and the Whittemores- were reunited once again at the summer estate where they had spent so many of their childhood days.

Season of Eden is a historical roleplay set in WW2-era Great Britain. Character biographies are being posted; opening on June 23rd.

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A friendly southern community where the sun is hot, the swamplands are beautiful, and mysterious alligators pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.

…welcome to Barton Hollow.

Hello, ListenersThis is as good a time as any to embark on a journey through the gothic mystery of a town so sinister that it has been struck from all such maps. For you see, in the darkest most decrepit places of the country there is a town; a town called Barton Hollow. It is a town as dirty as a Quentin Tarantino movie mucked through the muddy swamps of the saccharine forests in the Deep South. It is a town where the population is riddled with flaws and eccentricities. Where magical realism meets voodoo, and racism and poverty is the least of their worries. It’s a town that’s settled in a pool of the macabre and irony. 

I wish I could say that I understand all the mysteries surrounding this town… but I can’t and I don’t. For now, we just have to accept what we have and realize that while where we live may be odd, it is still our home. And home is where the heart is… right? Who knows? 

…Goodnight, listeners. Goodnight.

→ M A I N |C O N T A C T | C H A R A C T E R S | P L O T | F O L K L O R E

We are now accepting original characters. Acceptance every Wednesday & Saturday from 5 pm PST to midnight PST.

Some most needed characters:






Welcome to Clearbrook Academy. Whether you’re a bender, faerie, kitsune, werewolf or witch, this is a place that you can call home. Hidden away from society, deep in the woods of Northern England.

We offer a curriculum unlike any other university. Not only will we teach you to perfect and master your gifts, but we’ll also prepare you for the real world. Because the real world isn’t easy for us — the supernaturally gifted.

Change is coming. 

The revolution begins here.